Buddy Glass

General Manager, Owner

Buddy Glass Photo

Buddy, originally from Orlando, FL, relocated to Lafayette, LA in 2004 and has officially be-come a “transplant Cajun”. After receiving his MBA and cutting his teeth in banking, finance and oil and gas industries, Buddy and his wife, Lindsey, founded BG Realty and Management. Buddy and Lindsey spend their time chasing their two little ones around the golf course and taking as many family vacations as they can squeeze into their busy schedules. “My favorite part of BG Realty and Management is the people I work with. Working towards building this property management company together has been one of the most gratifying experiences of my life,” says Buddy. One might joke that Buddy is a bit of a celebrity around these parts – he played baseball for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (UL), and was a movie extra in Adam Sandler’s, ‘The Waterboy.’ Even though he was paid in pizza and cola, he feels it might be one of his best business transactions to date. In addition to being a tremendous dancer (seri-ously, you have to see it to believe it), outgoing and friendly, and eternally optimistic, Buddy volunteers his time working with the local Beaver Club of Lafayette, as well as one week a year as a Gallery Guard for the Masters Golf Tournament.

Favorite Quote: “All that matters in business is that you get it right once. Then everyone can tell you how lucky you are.”
-Mark Cuban

Dena Saltzman

Property Manager

Michael Hatchett

Dena brings over 31 years of real world, property management experience to BG Realty and Management, which has proven to be invaluable to the BG team. Dena’s got extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of conventional and affordable housing multi-family properties including Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), tax-exempt bonds, project-based Section 8 and HOME programs, as well as implementing multi-layered financing programs, property compliance, and HUD reporting. Basically, she’s kind of the cat’s pajamas around the office. Nothing drives Dena like taking something that is underperforming for an owner and working to make it shine. Her tactics? Property analysis and budgeting, as well as expense and delinquency reduction, just to name a few. At the end of the workday, Dena takes pride in knowing that she has done her best to represent the interest of both her property owners and residents. Not bad for a gal from Sour Lake, TX.

Between her and her husband, they have eight children, 16 grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. Dena most looks forward to Fridays when she and the grandkids get together for “Mexican Friday”. In addition to cooking up a mean rice and gravy, she and the husband also hit a flea market or antique shop now and again during their travels together.

Favorite Quote: It’s not what you look at that matters. It’s what you see. -Henry David Thoreau

Holly Deshautelle



Born and raised in Avoyelles Parish (Marksville, more specifically), Holly Deshautelle is exactly who you want on your real estate team. Holly attended both Northwestern State University and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and has since gone on to obtain a state insurance license and real estate license. In 2013, Holly was named Rookie of the Year for KW Cenla Partners for Real Estate and consistently averages 4 million a year in sales. She specializes in residential, commercial, land, and investment properties. Impressed yet?

When Holly isn’t out selling (and ‘outselling’) real estate, family keeps her plenty busy. She’s got three kids (Ali,15, Landen, 12, and Mila, 8) and a fiancé, Ryan. Spare time is spent vacationing, hanging on the patio with friends, and taking in all the kid’s sports and other activities.

What makes Holly tick? Her love for real estate. Holly says, “my job doesn’t feel like a job, which is the best feeling ever! Meeting new people, exploring new properties and getting to be a part of such a big experience in someone’s life is a few of my motivations and loves of the job.”

Favorite quote: The dream is free, the hustle is sold separately.

Mechelle Hanks

Property Manager

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Property management hit the jackpot when it crossed paths with Mechelle Hanks.
Hailing from Crowley, Louisiana, Mechelle is a go-getter who puts family first. Mechelle was a homemaker and wife for many years. Then, through life’s ups and downs, found herself in a position to put her skills to work and provide for herself and her children. She got her start in the hotel business and before long she was supervising Choice Hotels. After about 4 years in the hotel business, Mechelle decided to venture out and try her hand at property management. Huff Management quickly hired her on and the rest, as they say, is history.

Always looking to enrich and improve her skill set, Mechelle is excited to work with the team at BG Realty. Mechelle has a 28-year old son, a 23-year old daughter, and three grandchildren. Cajun cooking is at the center of her hobbies, as nothing makes her happier than the smiles from friends and family during one of her tasty (but spicy!) Sunday dinners.

Meeting different people and learning about different heritages is what keeps the job interesting for Mechelle. However, the real prize is when she helps people find a comfortable place to call home.

Favorite quote: Always have a plan A, B, and C. You never know what life will throw your way.

Rachelle Noel

Property Manager


Growing up, Rachelle aspired to be a school teacher (her twin actually became the teacher). Realizing life had a different journey in store for her, Rachelle detoured and took a different route. She tried nursing at first, but then landed in the business world and eventually received her undergrad in Business Administration. After school, Rachelle spent six years working for large multi-family management companies before landing at BG Realty and Management. Rachelle loves the variety of her workdays … in other words, no two days are alike, which keeps things very interesting.

Mom to two, Rachelle and her husband love taking road trips with the kids, often to visit family or to be beach bums for a few days. Her family is her everything, and they offer tons of motivation to work hard and to give everything she does, her best effort. Rachelle says she can’t think of a better place to live than Lafayette, Louisiana — mostly because she loves the hospitality and seafood.

Favorite scripture: Isaiah 40:31
but those who hope in the Lord
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.

Rosie Roy

Property Manager

Rosie Roy - BG Realty & Management LLC

Licensed on July 1, 1981. Despite the oil bust in the 1980s (a time when locals drove around with bumper stickers that proclaimed, “the last one out, turn off the lights”), Rosie persisted as real estate professionals in Lafayette plummeted from 1200 to 300 in one year. Rosie attributes her success for the last 37 years to the long-standing relationships she’s nurtured with her clients, both property owners and tenants alike. Rosie says that property management is kind of like teaching—she works with property owners who are learning to turn real estate into businesses and tenants who are transitioning from apartments into single family units. “Most of my property owners have been with me for 30-35 years and the youngest client I have has been with me for 13 years. My average tenant stays with me about 4 years and I have some that stay as long as 10 years.” Rosie believes that trust is key. “My tenants and owners trust me, and I work hard for that trust,” says Rosie. Prior to her career in real estate, Rosie was a trailblazer in Lafayette working as a mental health counselor for battered women. Among other accomplishments, she was a charter member of the Mayor’s Commission on the Needs of Women and chaired the committee that founded community organization and non-profit, Faith House, in Lafayette.

Rosie’s Motto: “The three things most important to me in life are Family, God & Country. Live long and prosper.”

Ryan Torr

Property Manager


Born and raised in small steel town in Pennsylvania, Ryan Torr moved to southwest Florida to pursue a degree in civil engineering and business management at Florida Gulf Coast University.

He brings 4 years of property management experience to BG Realty and with that, he offers vast knowledge across many areas. From high-end condominium associations to managing multi-family apartments, Ryan knows his stuff. Property management is a perfect fit for Ryan because he gets to help projects reach completion each and every day. He’s also fiercely passionate about helping owners realize their properties’ full potential.

In 2018, Ryan made the move to Louisiana to be with a real bayou beauty he met on a Caribbean cruise. Rumor has it that she makes an amazing rice and gravy and that she can be credited with introducing Ryan to boudin, the famous Cajun delicacy. The two spend the majority of their time with friends and family and love crawfish boils.

Favorite Quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

Crystal Robin-Racca

Office Assistant

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Adding a personal touch to each project she works on, as well as bringing smiles to customers’ faces is what keeps Crystal Robin-Racca going each and every day at the office. Her sunny disposition, coupled with her wealth of experience (Twenty years, in fact.) in the administrative arena, is what makes Crystal an invaluable member of the BG Realty team.

Born and raised in Arnaudville, Louisiana, Crystal and her family have recently made the move to Lafayette, Louisiana. Wife and mother to two boys (a 13-year old and a 14-year old), Crystal fell into a career in property management. Her spare time is dedicated to family, as well as serving in several capacities in her church.

Crystal believes that it’s important to always find joy in life no matter the circumstance. In fact, she lives by the mantra, “Learn to dance in the rain.”

Maintenance Team

Brandon Shackelford

Maintenance Tech

Brandon Shackelford

With a background in carpentry, welding, millwright, remodels and construction, Brandon is certainly well-rounded and a nice fit for BG Realty & Management. Brandon started with BG Realty in 2017 but holds over 20 years combined education and experience working in these various trade disciplines, as well as in maintenance.

Brandon loves the medley of work that maintenance offers him … no two days are ever the same. Not only does the variety keep him fresh, but Brandon also enjoys his interaction with property owners and tenants.

When not on the job, Brandon loves to play hard! Between fishing, hunting, and golfing, this dude is living his best life. Brandon, his girlfriend, Michelle, her son, Collin, and the family pet, Jade, love to kick back after working in the yard with some meat on the pit. Best buds Collin and Brandon enjoy their quality time riding 4 wheelers and dirt bikes on the weekends.

Personal Motto: Work hard and play harder. Enjoy it, cause you only have one life to live.

Tom Mathews

Maintenance Tech

Michael Hatchett

Tom has over 28 years in apartment maintenance and is the most recent addition to BG Realty and Management’s maintenance crew. Tom originally moved to Louisiana from North Dakota in the 1980s during the infamous ‘oil boom.’ After the market bottomed out, Tom decided to stick around and headed to tradeschool where he learned about heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, and appliances. He enjoys working with his hands and gets satisfaction out of repairing things that no one else can fix.

A fun fact about Tom is that he is Native American and grew up on a Reservation in North Dakota. It was here that he developed his passion for hunting and fishing. Now in Louisiana, Tom lives for saltwater fishing.

Tom’s Personal Motto: Work hard and live life at your best.

Randy Babin

Maintenance Supervisor

image coming soon

A true veteran of the construction industry, Randy Babin brings over 25 years of real life experience to BG Realty. In addition to possessing knowledge that runs the gamut from project management to independent contracting, Randy has spent significant time in a number of markets in the south: Georgia, Fort Myers, Florida, Pensacola, Florida, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Mobile, Alabama, Gulf shores, Alabama, as well as Baton Rouge, just to name a few.

In his spare time, Randy makes the most of the ‘Sportsman’s Paradise’ that is Louisiana by hunting and fishing. Randy loves his job, and as such, considers himself a bit of a workaholic. Randy expects nothing but the best from himself, and that goes for the team he works with as well. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Randy is a perfectionist who thinks people should take pride in the work they do.